youBelong Cash is now

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A mobile bank for people with special needs

At youBelong, we're on a mission to make the internet more inclusive for everyone. We've been working towards this goal by building technology for people with differing abilities.

With youBelong Cash, our focus was on financial literacy and independence for people with disabilities. But why should we stop there? We realized that we could fulfill something much bigger by building the most inclusive banking experience ever. Not just for people with special needs, but for everyone. The result is youBelong Cash being spun out as an independent project under the youBelong brand which we now call Purple!

So why name it Purple? Simply put, Christian's favorite color is purple. At the same time, the youBelong brand is built around the color purple. Purple represents wealth, creativity, independence and inclusion. It's our goal to make banking more inclusive for everyone and we believe that the color embraces our core values. 

There are an estimated 53 million people who are unbanked in the United States. With Purple, we can continue to further our mission while providing even more people with the tools needed for a brighter financial future. We're really excited for the road ahead. Are you ready to #BankWithPurple?

- Team youBelong

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